Hi Friends, 

What a year it’s been! Like so many of you, I experienced big changes personally and professionally this year.  

After 25 years in the Red Deer area, I moved communities to Sherwood Park, Alberta. I grew up in Edmonton, so this feels like coming home in so many ways, but it meant not living near my family, and that’s hard! I also stepped away from my partnership in Sharp Women, after two amazing years. I created my first online course, ran some 90-day intensive group programs, was nominated for an Alberta Women Entrepreneurs award, went to the mountains a couple of times, did a river float, had a concert in our back yard, and much more!  

Taking the Time 

It’s easy to have experiences and then just move on to the next thing without stopping to celebrate, be grateful, reflect and grow. In years past, I’ve often intended to stop and review my year and reflect on what went well, and what didn’t, before I set my goals for the new year. But December is busy, and, before I know it, it’s January! Then I think, okay, it still works to do my reflection in January before I set my goals. But then I am short on time and decide, well, the important thing is to set goals, right? So, the review and reflection rarely happen. 

Moving Forward with Intention 

Over this past year, though, I’ve really charted a course to become much more intentional in my business, my life, and my relationships. As such, I have calendared time to do my review and to reflection this week. I’m excited to go through my calendar and see all the wins and accomplishments! I’m even looking forward to reviewing the “misses” to see how I can learn and grow. 

As we go into 2022, I hope you will join me in taking time out to review your 2021. It’s a highly valuable exercise. Let me know what you uncover! 

Looking Back with Gratitude 

Of course, I cannot send you this communique without letting you know how deeply grateful I am for your presence in my life. Thank you to each and every one of you for your encouragement, support and friendship over this past year. I truly appreciate you! 

I hope you have found meaning and joy in 2021 and are looking forward with excitement and anticipation to 2022. I know I am – so let’s do it together! I’d love to hear about your biggest wins of this past year and what you hope and intend for 2022. 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Stay on Point!