I love journaling. 

I have incorporated it into my morning practice and do a journal entry 3-4 times per week. It is a critical part of my personal development plan. 

Some of you will be nodding in agreement right now. Some of you will be yearning to journal more, wondering where to find the time and what to write. And some of you might be breaking out in hives as we speak! 

Why don’t people journal? 

  • No time 
  • Don’t like writing 
  • Have no idea what to write or why it matters/what difference it makes 

I can tell you that almost all high-achieving people have a personal development practice, and, for most, journaling is a foundational aspect. You can dream your dreams, get clarity on your goals, work through your struggles and limiting beliefs, and so much more. If you really struggle with writing, guess what? You can use a voice recording app instead. And many of these apps convert voice to text, so you can go back and read what you “wrote” later.  

Whether you’re an active journaler, an aspiring journaler, or in resistance to the whole idea, regular journaling can give you: 

  • A place to articulate and get clear on your thoughts and feelings. 
  • A quite time for honest, meaningful reflection. 
  • A way to sort through difficulties, obstacles and challenges in your life.
  • A place to dream, create and plan. 

Because a lot of people want to journal but struggle with what to write or where to start, I’ve created the “Your Life on Point” journal with guided journaling prompts and processes. You can pick one up here. 

Lastly, I run 90-minute journaling workshops from time to time and would be happy to run that again if there is interest. Just get in touch and let me know and I’d be happy to set that up! 

Whether you want some guidance or are happy flying on your own, I’d love to hear how journaling has been meaningful for you! 

Stay on Point!