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The Three-Legged Stool Startup

12- Week Startup Accelerator Program

Online ~ Self-Paced

$1497 + GST

You already know that there are risks involved with starting a business. But — do you know you can substantially reduce that risk and increase your chances of success?

Most entrepreneurs are action-oriented people who jump straight from creating their idea to the DOING, going from idea to tactics without doing much of that boring stuff like research and planning.

You know there is important stuff to do for your startup, but maybe you’re not sure what that is or how to go about it.

I’m Danielle. For the last number of years I’ve been training and coaching startups and business owners with growing pains in my company, On Point with Danielle, to establish titanium business foundations that help them succeed and overcome any obstacles and challenges. 

This course, The 12-week Three-Legged Stool Startup Program, helps you do all of the critical foundational work for your business.

The truth is, you’re only doing the things you’re doing because you want to succeed. You don’t want to hurt your business – you want to build it into something meaningful, successful and long-lasting. Let’s do that together! I can help you set yourself up for long-lasting success with solid business foundations. 

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Finding and Attracting Your Ideal Client

3- Week Mini Course

Online ~ Zoom

$249 + GST

One thing I frequently hear from new entrepreneurs, when I ask them who their target audience is, is “everyone”. Well, as the old marketing adage goes, if you’re talking to “everyone”, you’re talking to “no one”.
People pay money to block ads because advertisers don’t understand who their audience is, what matters to them, and what words will resonate with them. Your audience just wants to see that they are understood, both with your product or service and with your messaging.
If you feel frustrated with pumping out your marketing and advertising, busting your butt to move the needle on your sales, but you’re not getting the results you want, maybe it’s time to get crystal clear on How to Find and Attract your Ideal Client.
I’m offering a three-week mini course, via Zoom, to help you get that clarity and focus your business on the people who will buy. 

What coaching clients have to say:

“Working with Danielle is eye-opening, thought-provoking and encouraging, all rolled into one. I have gained insight and some real practical help moving forward to being the best me I can be!”

Carla Howatt

By the Book Publishing and, Sharp Women Heartland

“Working with Danielle has been life changing. The group she has established meet daily, and help you keep everything on track. Danielle brings in the people and resources to help the new you be successful.”

Jeffrey Hanger

Hanger Fundraising Solutions

“I have been working under the guidance of Danielle for over a year and I look forward to working with her each month. The growth of my business with the goals that we set has changed my attitude in my business. I am so blessed to have her as part of my team.”

Kathy Masters

Ponoka Health Foods

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