Sharp Women have big dreams and goals. If we’re serious about achieving those goals, we know and understand that we must have a clear vision and a plan of action. So, this begs the question: are my dreams aspirations or ambitions?

What’s the difference?

An aspiration is a hope. A wish. A desire. This is a really good and important starting point. We must recognize our desires and get clear on the vision of what it is we want. An ambition, while it is also predicated on desire, also involves having determination. Determination goes beyond wishing into setting intention and developing a commitment. 

However, even determination and commitment to your dreams will not make them become a reality. For that to happen, you must actually take steps toward your vision. What are those steps?

First aspiration, then ambition, and then…

Yes, it’s good and important to have aspirations. And yes, it’s true that you can have an aspiration that never becomes a reality. Yes, it’s also good and important to have ambition. And yes, it’s true that you can have heaps of ambition and still not realize your dreams.

But don’t be discouraged. You can move beyond aspiration and beyond ambition and actually bring that vision into your experience. You really can.

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Believe it. Most, if not all of us have big dreams. Many never achieve those things, because they really don’t believe they can have what they desire. It boils down to one main thing: mindset. The truth is that the desires that are deep in your heart were put there because those things are meant for you. You can have what you desire. So where are you standing in your own way? What are the doubts and fears that hold you back? Identify the mindset obstacles, reject them, and set your mind on a firm belief that you deserve and will have what you desire.
  2. Check your habits. Habits are neutral, neither good nor bad. We can, however, create habits that serve us and move us forward, or habits that limit and punish. Have a look at your habits in all aspects of your life. What do you habitually, automatically do every day? How do those things move you toward, or keep you from, your vision? Make a plan to establish habits and systems that actively move you toward your goals. You might be thinking, “Easier said than done”, but the truth is that many people have successfully changed their habits and improved their lives. You can do it. 
  3. Calendar it. It’s a hard truth that you can have awesome action plans and still not get yourself where you want to go if you don’t prioritize the time to implement and execute those plans. If you have created solid action plans, the best, most efficient way to make meaningful progress is to add regular time into your schedule to focus on those activities.
  4. See who can help. You don’t have to do it all yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t. There are other people will specific skills, knowledge and expertise who will step in and help you achieve your goals. Be willing to ask for and accept help and watch your aspiration take quantum leaps toward reality!
  5. Track your results. There are many important reasons to do this, not the least of which is the psychological effect of creating a success consciousness. It also helps you stay on track, practice gratitude and prompts next-step ideas. A “results journal”, with regular review, is a great tool.

From Aspiration to Achievement

Stepping out from aspiration into action can be scary. There are many unknowns. You may not have developed a mastery in the area of your ambition. This is okay. This is the place of growth. Despite your fears, move yourself from the place of aspiration to action to achievement. Your dreams are waiting for you on the other side!

Written By: Danielle