Encourage the Heart

I’ve heard, over the years, a saying that goes, “Business has no feelings.” This saying is used as a cover or permission, in my opinion, for decisions and activities that, at best, dismiss the feelings of people, and, at worst, hurt people. 

And it isn’t true. 

People Do Business with People 

Whether we’re talking about your team, your clients or customers, or just the wide world in general, there’s one common denominator: we’re all human beings. As such, we all have feelings. 

There’s a lot of talk in business about the importance of communication, but it’s usually discussed from the vantage point of dissemination of information. Communication is vital, but I submit that the role of interpersonal relations and trust building must be a central focus of communication. 

Getting the best out of people, and creating a good experience for yourself, involves paying attention to the heart. What do people need and want in order to feel good in their business interactions? 

What Do People Want? 

Here’s a list of things you, as a leader, should consider when dealing with people: 

  • Everyone wants to be heard. 
  • Everyone wants to be respected. 
  • Everyone wants to be valued. 

You want that, in business, in relationships, in life. So does everyone else. 

Whether you’re leading your team, working with clients, networking, or going through life, when you recognize and honour the heart in those around you, you recognize and honour your own heart.  

Encouraging the Heart Creates Business Wins 

The wins are not only in having good feelings, though. Since we’re all people and we’re all doing business with people, I promise you, and research bears out, better outcomes for your business.  

What are those better outcomes? 

  • Improved team productivity and retention. 
  • Improved client loyalty and retention. 
  • Improved sales processes and conversions. 
  • Better bottom line. 

I recommend that you sit down with your journal and write out a list of practical ways that you can daily encourage the heart in others in your business world, and in yourself. Then send me your success stories! I want to hear all about it. 

And, as always, stay on point!