Are you a team player? Or more of a lone ranger? 

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably said the latter.  

I hear from entrepreneurs all the time that they went out on their own in business because they didn’t want to be “under the thumb” of someone else, or that they “have trouble with people in authority”. 

Well, that’s fine… but does that mean you now can’t work with others in your business? Because, if you’re going to build it into a thriving enterprise, you’re going to need a team. 

Leadership Principle #4 – Enable Others to Act 

 Throughout the last several weeks, I have been focused on the Five Leadership Principles outlined in a book called The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Pozner. Please go back to the other blog posts on my website to read about the first three. This week, let’s talk about Principle #4, enabling others to act.  

 There’s the old saying, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” That right there is Lone Ranger thinking. If you do everything all by yourself, you seriously limit your business’s growth potential, because you can’t make more time, and while you are down in the weeds and minutiae, you’re not engaged in high-leverage activities that can move the needle on your business. You also put yourself at risk for burnout. 

We All Want to Make a Contribution 

Another old saying is, “You can either be the CEO of your company or the COE (Chief of Everything).” And you know this. However, entrepreneurs and small business owners I work with often tell me that they struggle with giving up control because they worry that others won’t do things to their standards, or that it won’t be done “right”. 

If you left a job or corporate position because you felt undervalued, underappreciated, and like your work lacked meaning, why would you want to bring someone into your organization only to have them feel exactly the same way? You know what it felt like, so don’t bring someone onto your team and then give them that experience. 

Enabling others to act gives them an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution, something everyone wants.  

Mentor the Team 

If you genuinely want to be or become a CEO, start functioning as one today. Even if your “team” currently consists of independent contractors rather than employees, that team requires and can benefit from your mentorship.  

Want things done right and to your standards? Mentor your Team. 

Want work to get done and money to be made while you are at the gym, taking a personal day or a vacation? Mentor your team. 

Want a team where people feel valued, appreciated, and satisfied that the work they do makes a difference? Mentor your team and enable them to act. 

Get Some Coaching 

If you know your work habits are not driving towards scalable growth and you know you are way too far in the weeds of your business, but you don’t know how to change that, we should talk! I can coach you out of the quagmire and into conquest, so feel free to reach out! 

Meanwhile, Stay on Point!