If you’ve watched my business over the 8 years it’s been my thing, you know it has changed – a lot!

When I first started, my intention was to offer professional writing services. You know, resumes, job ads, job descriptions, business letters, and maybe some marketing collateral. I could definitely see a need for this service and so I decided that this is what I wanted to offer.

But — my audience wanted something else. 

“Can you help us with strategic planning?”

“Can you work with us on our communications strategy?”

“Can you help us move the needle on our cause?”

Well, yes. Yes, I can. By saying yes to what the community asked me to do, I learned to flow to where the opportunities led.

I still did (do) professional writing, but I also helped not-for-profits, municipalities and businesses develop core strategies.

Then, in 2017, I was asked to help build a business incubator. Although I’d been a certified business coach since 2012, coaching was not part of my business offerings. But I am a sucker for building something new, and this was a pretty exciting opportunity.

It was also a BIG decision! I worried that I was “parking” my business and that I’d have to start over from scratch.

As I reflected, though, I realized that I have always walked through the open doors. Always, like water, moving around obstacles, flowing to the open places. Living in trust and surrender, knowing that opportunity will always come.

So I said yes.

The three years I spent at Catapult Entrepreneurs did not gut my business. On the contrary, it opened new avenues and doors for me. I found a level of passion in training and coaching that I had not experienced before in all my years of working. It was also there, at Catapult, that I met Ranchelle Van Bryce. When she approached me in 2019 about partnering on an event for women, I (eventually, after she pitched it to me a few times!) remembered to be like water and flow to where the opportunities are leading. Now, in addition to my own stream of business, Ranchelle and I are building a mighty river called Your Life on Point. The Sharp Women community that has been birthed in all of this is the pride of my professional life. 

I would never have seen it coming. Had I stuck with MY plan – my limited vision – I might have boxed myself into something and missed out on so many glorious experiences. I’m so grateful that God had (has) a bigger vision.

I still offer the same consulting services as before, but the flow has widened my river, and I am thrilled with the new opportunities and fun things I get to do.

And I’m grateful that I followed my instincts and learned to be like water.

I think that’s the key for everyone in this time of uncertainty. We’re all wondering what’s next. Whatever comes, though, if we can be like water, I believe we can all flow to the life of our dreams. 

How has being like water worked for you in your life and business? Tell me what you think. 

Written By: Danielle Klooster