That’s just a fact. When people are confused about your message or your offering or they struggle to figure out exactly what it is you do, they will just disengage.  

Almost every day, I’m talking with entrepreneurs and small business owners who: 

  • Are spending exorbitant amounts of time (and sometimes money!) on their website and on social media marketing and advertising but not getting conversions. 
  • Feel like they need to explain everything about their business – all the technical details, features and nuances – right up front and can’t distill it down of a few simple, straightforward but compelling sentences. 
  • Know they are all over the map with their messaging but don’t know how to make it better. 

I’ll Give You 9 Seconds 

It’s a busy, noisy world out there in online marketing and advertising. It’s often overwhelming for people. They don’t want to have to sift through a wordy website or read a mile-long post or listen to a 30-minute video just to try and figure out what it is you actually do. And they will not. Research suggests that you have somewhere between 3 and 9 seconds, when visitors land on your website, to make an impression and capture their attention before they make a decision to hang out or leave. 

What can do you in 9 seconds? 

Let’s just talk about your website right now.  

Yes, imagery is huge. A clean website space with compelling images is a big draw and very important. But what about your copy? Here are some hot tips: 

  1. Have a Dynamite One-liner as the first thing they see in the space we call above the fold. This is an old newspaper term that comes from the days when newspapers were big enough to be folded over. The headline you saw when the paper landed face-up on your doorstep had better be interesting enough to make you want to pick that paper up and read the whole thing, right? 
  2. Your dynamite one-liner is not a statement about you or your business. It is a punchy, high-impact articulation of the problem or pain-point your audience is experiencing, or their desire (because there are two consumer levers: pain and desire). 
  3. Below your dynamite one-liner, you offer a couple of promise statements about what your amazing solution will do for your audience. 

This can all be read and digested within 9 seconds, so long as it is in plain language, not overly wordy and is about your audience, not about you. 

Distilling it Down 

That’s all well and good, you might be thinking, but easier said than done. How do I take alllllll of this information about the features, advantages and benefits of my product or service and get it down to a couple of short sentences that ring the bell with my target audience? 

Well, you’re not wrong. It isn’t just going to roll out of your head and be amazing, unless you are a seasoned ad man or copy genius. If you haven’t done the exercise of creating a value proposition statement, you are likely always going to struggle with your messaging. 

Value Proposition Canvas 

A value proposition is, like it sounds, a statement that expresses the value your product or service delivers to the customer. It is, essentially, a promise for how your product or service will relieve your customer’s pain and/or fulfill their desire. There is a definite process to getting to your value proposition, and, as always, I have a tool to help! 

You have two options: 
  1. Sign up for the $39 Program, in which you will receive a tool like the Value Proposition Canvas twice per month, along with video explaining how to use it. 
  2. Connect for a one-time training session to walk through it with me 1 on 1. 

Strong Copy Comes with Message Clarity 

There is so much more to say about strong copy for websites, as well as just discussing what makes a good business website period. We also need to talk (so watch for future posts) about great social media copy, email copy, and much more. But, all in all, the simple truth is this: your website copy and content will be infinitely improved if you follow the tips I mentioned and do the Value Prop exercise. 

Keep at it! You’ll get there. 

Stay on Point!